Wednesday, December 16, 2009


A type of madness I'm not keen to,

Crazy never spoke sensation to life.

Thought your smile a pier I could jump from,

Prayed to swim in the depths of you.

Bells splinter nights with incessant tolling,

Solemn mirrors, humbled retractions, tearing down.

Shadows tilt the scales of absolving,

Perplexed, my fingertips know not what to do.

Revelations are the ante denomination, 

Who was I to think to disapprove?

Prolonged exposure face deep in dark waters,

Cold fornication I lustfully dove into.

Bidding My Dream Adeiu

Infantine notions preceded
you introducing my spirit 
unto the creative flow of two minds in sync,  
as I perceived our connection to be an empyreal link.  

Intellectual maneuvers were tactical,  
no barriers of the lyrical,  
so smooth it was spiritual,  
though our future was impractical.  

In verses my thoughts were gleaming,  
with brilliant visions I laid in bed dreaming.  
The sunlight of enlightenment was teaming,  
envisioning the moment when you realized  
that together our imaginations should be scheming  
with one another.  

My fantasies of you awakened in me a world I was previously blinded to.  
The moments I spent acquainting myself with your words  
were akin to  
articulated paradise.  

But reality navigates distance of latitude,  
amorous visions now pose resistance.  
My poetic love no longer feels subsistent.  

Providential rhymes no longer hot as fulgury  
for they are lost in the journey  
of a blank page