Monday, August 26, 2013

Creation of Her

When I'm in her company I find myself doubting evolution as her creation could have only been divinely orchestrated. I experience a big bang moment of clarity each time she looks at me and smiles and I can't help believing all of Heaven stands in awe of her existence. I swear I have undergone a genetic modification as I've taken on amphibious traits due to our connection. When I'm swimming in the depths of our intellectual conversations, I find myself devoid of need for lung inhalations. Yet when I walk on land with her, hand in hand with her, I am struck by appreciation of being human so as to live on this Earth with her, which my eyes now see as our own personal Eden. She be the top of the food chain and I want to be the angled pyramid which cradles her position, leaves me craving the taste of her knowledge, ingesting the moments we spend so as to feel nourished even when we're apart. Wish I consume the space between us even now just to be able to embrace again, heart to heart. I don't simply desire her, rather I'm in awe of her, inspired by her, want to educate myself fully on all aspects of her needs, so I can pay heed to what is required to fully evolve with her...the beautiful creature that she is.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

What If

What if I wasn't just a stepping stone upwards but the final destination, not just a light off in the distance but the sun rising after a tumultuous night? What if I am not the coolest of waters when you thirst, but the sustenance when you hunger for more? What if I'll never be the perfect package, but the rattled gift waiting to be discovered even as you find the pulling off of layers a chore? What if you were not the horizon I looked to at day's end, but the sky and stars that have always filled my empty spaces within? What if you are placing hope on a thrown penny, not realizing it was the well, measured by our two hearts falling, deep beyond the scope of your present vision that held the magic of granting your wishes all along? What if you are the lone simple sound I've heard echoed in the recesses of my complicated thoughts since the hollow you created in me first provided shelter from the cyclonic spin I before you could never seem to escape from? And what if I was never the easy answer but the fingers always raised to be called upon the moment you decide to begin...questioning?

Monday, April 8, 2013


To my ex's new girlfriend: Though unconventional, I hope you pay heed to a few suggestions I wish someone would have previously gifted to me. 

#1: Her ego is like pay day loan interest rates...grossly inflated, yet when she expects high returns on her investment, reciprocate what she supplies readily. The sound of her laughter is worthy of installment plans, and I will loan you memories guaranteed to make her happy once again if she ever loses the light in her eyes. 

#2: Wear an oxygen tank at all times, as she will jump head first into the depths of your heart and suffocation will ensue if you don't think first to depressurize her expectations. But with each struggled inhalation, she will remind you how good it feels to be alive. 

#3: She is not the Messiah, but has a tendency to raise women from the dead in Lazarus fashion, breathing life into tormented vessels as her steps are passing through the valley of dry bones. Live again after she has replenished what is needed in you, but don't let her gift fool you into believing she has an endless supply of regenerative sessions. She is empty at times and needs refueled too. 

#4: She is soft in voice, giving and desires only to be loved. Don't make the mistake of neglecting her needs as I once did, never take advantage of her or I will be to see you. You do not want that day to come. You have been warned...with love. :) 

Finally, #5: Enjoy every moment she dotes on you, spoiling and loving in ways others should take lessons from, but be mindful that her warmth is fleeting. The shade she casts should you ever wound her will leave you forever afraid of the dark, that shrouded space always serving as a reminder of the loss of her.

And though you might forget much of what I've here said, please retain this one thing... don't make the mistake of neglecting her needs, never take advantage of her or I will be to see you. You don't want that day to come. You have been warned...with love.