Monday, November 19, 2012

For Gaza

Pro-life for American citizens, 
yet pro-murdered Muslim children,
pro-life if still in the womb, 
but once born it's all on you, 
so pro-pre-birth in the States and
pro-death if carried out by Israelis.

Pro-New Testament, yet pro-Jew who is
anti-black, anti-U.S. anti-all you claim to 
stand for, yet will gladly accept funds 
for the supplying of guns
for ethnic cleansing,
while we fund genocide
with millions freely given daily,
then claim feeding American children
who are guilty only of being hungry
just breeds a country of freeloading,
while you send prayers up that
those those reloading weapons
to bomb women and children
are kept safely in the hands of God,
and see that as a worthy cause
worth financially backing.

Anti-abortion while passing out flyers
promoting the importance of life,
yet so despise a religion you know
little of, proceed to form opinions
based off fear mongering programming
by the media that you are willing
to see a few hundred dead
causalities buried beneath the rubble
in the Gaza Strip as necessary.

You see Islam as breeding terrorists,
but don't see that our dollars are
funding the same exact actions.
And though we all might
be the victims of being swayed by
images we see abroad, you can not
claim to be pro-love, pro-life,
if you choose a side
because your religion proclaims
it's the the 'right' choice and hide
behind the excuse that this blood spill
is according to God's will.  

Claiming to be pro-life should not
exclude those others have proscribed
as having good reason to die
without benefit of judge nor jury.
Nor should you reserve prayers
and monetary programs only
for those you see as living
according to your Biblical standards
or you are simply providing others
with reasons to see Christians
as radical, hypocritical supporters of
American-endorsed terrorism.