Thursday, May 26, 2011


Threw my dreams onto the lawn tonight,

thought perhaps the rain that floods the

grass would wash away the presence of you,

but the watered down desires only grew

out of the ground you've yet to step foot upon.

With you, the rain has lost its power,

this electric sense of company

remains even while longitude and latitude

lies like stone between us,

leaving me to reside in residual darkness,

though yet I never feel alone,

as your shadow lingers in my home

to remind me of what could have been.

Like when you're desperate to eat so

you reach your hand in a hot oven

with no thought to protect yourself/

the burn still doesn't rid you of desire

to eat and I want so badly now to sleep,

but this heat doesn't distract me from

the hunger I have for your touch.

I would stage a hunger strike,

if the emaciation that would follow

would be enough for you to stop

running bases like you've gone afoul

of the desire you once had to kiss

only my lips.

Rain wets my head, these arms,

my hands

/my body are angered from the

lack of common sense my mind lacks

in not preventing you

from entering into my dreams/both

of which leave me shivering, cold

and lonesome for your arms to warm

me like hot stove, like stolen goods,

that that which I so want to consume