Saturday, September 5, 2009


Imperious confrontation

negates fruitless contemplations.

Acceptance of frustrations,

far too many have evolved complacent.

Strength is not physical prowess,

rather it is the spirit resurrecting the prowl.

Standing in the face of aberration

the condemning of edification,

as tainted opinions

are leering down

upon you.

Yet you refuse to look at them,

for you are looking past them,

over them

and through them.

Visions seen through the reflection of your past

emblazing the very waters your soul drinks from,

as your purpose



As you recognize that "One Nation Indivisible"

does not mean that your thirst for unity

can be quenched by opportunities

to accept a sip of malice,

offered by callous

brothers who would not spit on you

if you were on fire.

And the fire that burns

from the core of your pain

ignites a fury in your brain.

Enraged, your soul exclaims

"You do not move me!"

You do not move me

with your animosity.

You do not move me

with your ignorance,

or your insufferable stupidity

or the disgusting words

you chose to describe me.

You do not move me

when you push me.

Know that

I do not just stand here before you,

I stand AGAINST you.

I do not just accept your hatred,

I thrive off of it,

I consume and ingest it,

molesting it with the truth

you can not steal from me.

You do not move me,

and you can not change me.

You can not silence me

and the silent things you are

thinking of me,

only serve to fill me

with power.

The power of unity

which you detest,

is the unity which we possess,

For this I will hold no regret.

The pressure that once pressed

against my temple

is now pressed against your hand,

as my temple

stands firm.

Though you only see

one woman standing defiantly,

there are legions of women

men and children behind me,

in support their spirits uplift me,

invoking thee

to sustain me.

So shove your idiocy,

your hypocrisy,

and absurdities against me,

and you will most assuredly see,


You do not move me.





moved on.

(c) T. H. 2009

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