Monday, September 6, 2010


At 4am this morning

I was reading an
article pertaining to
astrological signs.

It stated Virgos love hard;

are loyal but prone to
desert relationships
emotionally long before
they depart from them

It seems Virgos
can't seem
to form
lasting bonds.

I'd like to say that I am

not so fickle where
matters of the heart
are concerned,

I'm rarely concerned
with matters of the heart,
so I can not say that.

I think women who read

newspapers are sexy.

When men read

it doesn't seem as sexy
to me.

I love women for their

intellect. I love men who
are good fathers to their
intellectual daughters.

I really don't like cats.

And people who eat food
out of houses where cats
reside freak me out.
I don't like snakes

Or Lady GaGa songs.

Or weave,
though I'm not sure how those
things are related.
I'm not sorry for my disdain,
though I apologize if
that offends you.

It's always that way with me.

I express something I don't like
and alienate those I love,
though I'm fickle and
probably wouldn't have loved
them long.

I am prone to upset
those who love me
to the point that they
hate me
long before
I've stopped loving


I am more comfortable
with thinking
someone hates me
than I am with
thinking that I
might be incapable
of being in love.

I ramble when I'm

with my own faults.

When I'm not rambling,

I like to drink hot tea
with milk. It makes
me feel closer to my sister.
She's a Virgo too.

The first time I fell in love

it was with Sylvia Plath.
That was before I knew
I was a Virgo.

I like to cuss.

I don't give a fuck if you
approve or not.

I dislike the heat of summer

until the first cool day of fall

arrives, then a sense of

dread fills me
at the thought of winter
arriving soon.

I will never be content for long,

or so the astrology article stated,
though today I feel

I can sense the temperature

dropping outdoors,
perhaps this happy feeling
won't last that long.

Note to self:

refrain from reading
astrological articles
at 4am.

Newspapers are

far more


  1. wow, I'm kinda like that too. Wonder why? lol..I like this piece also...;)