Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bali Coast

When weathered skin marked like scars from age
is stretched across arthritic bones,
I still will want to warm your fingers
with the heat I've known
from clasp of hands in silence.

When pillow rest beneath grayed hair
while you dream of youth and spring,
the sunset upon your face
will be as breathtaking to me
as those nights we spent off
the Bali Coast when first we fell in love.

And though my heart might fill with grief
as our life together comes to a close,
I will voice no regrets, nor goodbyes,
rather I'll whisper to you the poems
I rehearsed while you slept
in my arms throughout these years.

I will shelter you from every hell,
I will wet your lips with ice,
No outer hate will affect us,
As we'll be hidden from the world,
Lost within the gaze of each others' eyes.

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