Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Like the reflection of lights upon waves,

I feel refracted by movements of you/
bent, yet beautified within the rays
held within your vision.

Beneath the coolness of your shadow,
I am diffused within the depths
of your restraint in not touching
fingertip to water, as you bend
down upon knee to peer as though
parishioner upon alter.

How I pray for that touch
moving me ever towards
free falling destinations.

Yet I am lost as wind carries
vibrations, swells consuming
the loft as I am taken
out further, incapable of
preventing the rolled plunging,
orbital motions exposing
the circular tide that I wish
to depart from.

I am eroding under
damage of clapotis,
the constant of rise
and fall, the dip of angle
contorts me until I am
left frustrated by the
temporality of your
pull upon my waves.

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