Friday, November 13, 2009

Declaration of War, Securing The Peace

Peace does not come as a result of silence.
And sometimes holding ones tongue
Serves only the purpose of choking yourself.
Swallowing on words unsaid and gagging
From the thickness of suffering
With taste of mud and grit of sand.

Rotten like fruit left out to spoil
In hot rays of sunshine
Which give life
Yet boil
blisters upon the albino skin
of whitewashed histories.

Fusion ignites as hate darkens eyes
like pigmentation gone awry
Looking out from muted faces
Lips closed while the mind races
Without action.

Sermons are to be preached
Even if it is to mirrored glasses.
Looking at oneself and acknowledging
The truth of ones nature,
No longer giving out passes
To those who trespassed against you for their own pleasure.

So you pour salts steadily into
wounds to remind you
Of pains purposely inflicted,
For times when secrets constricted.

Closing off breaths of fresh air
While behind the pigmentation of dark iris
Your eyes stared
Out at the world which doled out harm
Like garbage piled deep in landfill farms.

Raising stench like cattle, and diseases like produce.
Strangling love, preferring to breed abuse.
Fertilizing death like flowers which bloom.

Though the rain is too acidic to quench my thirst
I declare war so as to preserve life
Force my voice to erupt like seeds from the Earth,
Not gently peeking out
But pushing forth with such voracity
The dirt can not contain it
And if peace is not planted
I will claim it
With words that can not be stifled
Take aim with vocal armory, shot like rifles.

I won’t wait for social justice with tongue tied
Proclamations of happened transgressions
I refuse to hide
Under blankets of whispers and fear.
Don’t hold your ears near,
As I am prone to scream.

I refuse to let the refuse which was bequeathed to me
Lie buried inside quietly
Yes, I vow to declare war for the purpose of peace...
So that others like me
Will not
have to suffer

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