Sunday, November 1, 2009


Shadows are only noticeable when the light serves to illuminate their presence. 

The moon's entrancing glow would be lost should the opaque frame about it not exist. 

And without having had the experience of losing you, Depth of loss and endurance of grief would be lost to me. 

Clichés don't fit all situations. 
Sometimes pain needs no further description. Supplications are expressed when vehemence of blows are swift with fury. 
Minds race in circles without benefit of corners with which to take shelter in.
Though I might have prayed to God that my soul be saved,  
I have been damned by this constant state of lacking.

I point with fingers laced with gloves of hidden feelings.
I gauge my progression by the dissipation of staggered breaths.
When hands no longer clinch, for broken promises can't be held onto forever.
Empty arms collapse to sides when energy is drained upon dreams ending.
Astern steps I will no longer be retracing,
as I am finally letting you go.

I just pray that the luminosity of love, 
Shared when breath still filled lungs strong from youth 
Will guide your shadow in yesterday's fog,

Out of the darkness one day, 




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